S.M.A.S.H., London Graphic Novel Network and Dalston Comic Club

Last Saturday I went to S.M.A.S.H.– an event dubbed »a comic, graphic, and novel talkfest« and organised by the London Graphic Novel Network.
To be completely frank,  I’d had no idea what it even really was. I signed up for the event on a hunch, I figured, while I’m here I might just as well try and explore the London comic scene or whatever. And an event dedicated solely to talking about comics never seems to be a bad idea.
It turned out to be a set of three panel discussions with guests working in or with comics. The three topics discussed in the panels were »Genre«, »Future« and »Taste«, all of them reasonably vague and thus able to spark interesting discussions.


Before the main panel discussion event, there was a workshop organised by the Dalston Comic Club. We did a little  collaboration exercise, the motto was »think outside the panel«. Basically, everyone started off drawing one panel and then handed their sheet on to the next person who drew a new panel beside or around the existing one and so on. Once the strips were finished a person who had not been involved in creating the comic had to recount the story it was telling. It was very random. And thus, hilarious!


After the talking, everyone went on to the pub – okay, well, I didn’t. I had to work the next day and also I’m behind on my assignments as is … But it was definitely a nice afternoon and evening, and very inspiring!

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